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Do you want a specific French sub-section?

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Do you want a French Section

Post  Archie on February 18th 2008, 03:13

The forum was created by 3 French foundators: our technical guru "Box", the mysterious pioneer "Belledefonte" and myself "Archie"! We consider that the topics addressed here must be opened to English-speaking visitors. Exactly like for aeronautics in the 20th century, we are proud being French pioneers to take part in the ideas and opinions about Life on Mars, a future major stake...

  1. We are ready to create a specific French section, consisting in translations of already posted topics, especially to attract young French visitors ("our" future)... In such a case we would need several French friends to take in charge some translation tasks Wink.
  2. We can also allow freely reply in French or English within English topics
  3. ...or we can choose that the Forum is English-only speaking (French visitors should train in English clown )

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