Meridiani Planum: Opportunity's region

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Meridiani Planum: Opportunity's region

Post  Archie on March 9th 2008, 00:16

Meridiani Planum: Opportunity's region

Zone coordinates: (about 650km x 650km)
  • Long. [348.75E, 0E]
  • Lat. [0N, 11.25N]
  • Tabulated zone in Celestia naming rules: Level 4, TX_15_7

The region is known because of the rover Opportunity that ended its life in the Victoria Crater.
(clic the image on the right to enlarge)

This area does not seem very exciting, does it? However the little rover Opportunity spent more than 1400 sols there so far.
  • A natural focus of interest is to go visit the Victoria Crater : don't you think we should establish an archeological site exactly where the rover has stopped working?
  • ... further ideas?

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