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Where, How & Why?? Empty Where, How & Why??

Post  Archie on February 5th 2008, 06:41

Question Where and how to start on Mars? Is this a game?

Yes, it is something like a serious game...
... and we will provide new members with the necessary help to start,
... then they will soon enrich all of us with their own Martian Point-Of-View Very Happy

In this section you can discover several large zones of Mars. Just indicate your interest (or questions) by replying the corresponding topic. If you exactly know where you want to move to: just send me an MP (clic on this icon under my avatar: Where, How & Why?? Icon_contact_pm), with the detailed coordinates (+/-0.01) or ask for a suggestion.

As soon as you become a member, you are called "Friend" and you can see additional sections that will help you create your first 3D objects (if you need help). After this initiation to our Mars' universe you can be recognized here as a "Pioneer" and be proud of it: we will grant you this glorious Title after issuing you first Mars' POV topic... just be excited of this, and be sure you will get help step by step, as much as necessary Arrow here

Non-commercial interest: There is not and there will never be any commecial interest in this forum. Moreover this forum wants to promote free IT ressources that can take part in the so-called "Web 3.0" era. Your contribution shall remain free for non-commercial use and any help shall also be provided for free. Please report any abuse.

  • Belledefonte who is one of Mars'POV foundators has decided to live near Arsia Mons. Her first topic can be read here
  • Once you moved in, you can explore the knowledge we have about your place. You can then imagine how the life should be from that place and what should be prepared to improve it: economical activities, scientifical or technological ones, or even social ones...

Your job as a "Pioneer" is to allow any visitors to react to the assumptions you made...

kind regards,
Archie, from Mars' POV
an Air & Space Teasing adventure

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