Around Gusev Crater, Spirit's site

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Around Gusev Crater, Spirit's site

Post  Archie on March 9th 2008, 00:46

Around Gusev Crater, Spirit's site

Zone coordinates: (about 650km x 650km)
  • Long. [168.75E, 180E]
  • Lat. [11.25S, 22.50N]
  • Tabulated zone in Celestia naming rules: Level 4, TX_31_9

The region is known because of the rover Spirit.
(clic the image on the right to enlarge)

  • A very hard disappointment: Gusev's basin was not formed by an ancient flow of liquid water... so what?
  • A so smooth plain silced off by a huge canyon about 3000 meters below!
  • ...

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